SHSM Certification

Forest-Lite: Introduction to Forest Therapy

This 3-hour SHSM certification is experiential in nature, offering students an introduction to the art and science of Forest Therapy and its varied industry applications. Students will experience the embodied practice of Forest Therapy, providing an effective self-care tool for stress management and support for mental health and well being.

‘Forest-Lite’ certification is ideally experienced in a nearby forested setting in the Fall or Spring months, and introduces students to the following aspects of Forest Therapy:

  • History of Shinrin Yoku (Forest Therapy/ Forest Bathing)
  • Scientific evidence
  • Health benefits
  • Industry applications
  • Forest Therapy key elements
  • Safety considerations
  • Embodied sensory practice
  • Shared invitations
  • Reflection/barrier solutions
  • Personal plan
  • Exit ticket


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Flat fee of $850 for up to 25 students. Fee includes:

  • 3 hour certification for up to 25 students (additional students $35 each with cap of 30)
  • Certificate of completion for each student
  • Site prep of local forested setting (chosen by teacher) for safety and planning purposes
  • All Forest Therapy equipment and supplies (ie. sit mats/stools, grounding rocks, Forest tea & snacks, etc)       
  • Additional mileage fees may apply

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    ‘It is a beautiful program that would benefit a variety of students.” “Yes!” I would recommend this SHSM certification to others. (BWDSB teacher)


    Very calming. Let me reflect and feel open minded.” (student)


    I really enjoyed being still in the forest.” (student)


    Peaceful, allowing yourself to enter nature is a good escape from the reality that is daily life.” (student)


    “It was amazing.” (student)