The Forest Floor

The Forest Floor… Grounded…new growth…unhurried… nurturing…connected

Forest Floor uses these natural themes in the design of its Forest Therapy walks and customized Educational Programs and Services to support personal growth and provide health benefits. Guided experiences nurture a closer connection to nature and allow an enhanced sense of health and well-being to unfold through the senses.

Forest Therapy: What is it?

Forest Therapy was first developed in Japan where it is called Shinrin-Yoku,  translating into Forest Bathing, or taking in the forest atmosphere through the senses. Forest Therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic practice that connects us with nature in an embodied way that feels good, relieves stress, and provides many different healing benefits.



The Science:

Science-based research supports the health benefits offered by forest therapy. These benefits include a significant decrease in cortisol and stress hormones, a decrease in pulse rate and blood pressure, and an increase in immune function and parasympathetic activity. Time spent connecting with nature also decreases depression and anxiety, improves sleep and creativity, and leaves us feeling invigorated yet calm.

Why do I need a guide to walk in the forest?

In Forest Therapy, the guide is not the therapist — the forest is. How well you are able to slow down and connect with the forest through your senses will determine the therapeutic benefits of this practice. If, like many of us, you lead a very busy life in which there are many demands on your time, then Forest Therapy will feel countercultural to your fast-paced life. A trained guide can skillfully assist you in slowing down and letting the forest set the pace, allowing space for you to relax and experience the positive health benefits.



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