Forest Fables

Forest Fables, adapted from Forest Therapy pedagogy for primary students, is a fun imaginative story-based educational resource that infuses: emotional self-care skills, character education, cross curricular connections, extension activities, new forest science, teacher notes, and immersive sensory experiences in nature.  

Teacher PD Training Workshop : Forest Fables - Gateway to Outdoor Learning

Workshop Objectives

1. Introduce teachers to the benefits, effective strategies, and joy of Outdoor Learning, while meeting curriculum goals.
2. Allow teachers to personally experience the stress-reducing benefits of Forest Therapy, and infuse elements of this into their teaching practice as a practical tool for student emotional self-regulation and well-being through a sensory connection to nature.
3. Provide hands-on experience with Forest Fables, a fun story-based primary resource infused with Forest Therapy, designed as a ‘gateway’ to inspire regular Outdoor Learning experiences.

4. Inspire teachers to bring their lessons outside while meeting their curriculum and assessment goals through a collaborative Outdoor Learning application activity. 


PD workshop components and pricing customized to length of workshop.

Forest Fables educational resource sold separately, see below.

Forest Fables Resource: combination digital & printed package
$45 plus shipping fees.

Package includes the following:

  • Five colourful fable cards printed on sturdy cardstock with pictures on one side and fables, highlighted sense, moral, and forest therapy invitation(s) on the other side
  • Printed guide: ‘How to use this Resource’ 
  • Colourful customized portfolio for printed resources
  • Downloadable zip file contains:  Teacher notes and curriculum-linked extension activities for each fable, “Tuning into your Senses’ script (fable 1 invitation), Assessment tools for K to grade 3, and the resource ‘References & Credits’.
  • Additional copies of printed fable cards available for $10 each (per package of 5 cards.)

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    Exciting Partnership for 2024!

    Forest Floor is pleased to be an approved vendor of Outdoor Education services to the Hamilton Wentworth District Board of Education, and are excited to be introducing Forest Fables to students in 2024!