Forest Fables

Forest Fables, adapted from Forest Therapy pedagogy for primary students, is an imaginative story-based educational resource that infuses: emotional self-care skills, character education, cross curricular connections, extension activities, new forest science and immersive sensory experiences in nature.  

Forest Fables Combination Digital & Printed Package - $45 plus shipping fees.
Package includes the following:

  • Five colourful fable cards on sturdy cardstock with pictures on one side and fables, highlighted sense, moral, and forest therapy invitation(s) on the other side
  • printed ‘How to use this Resource’ 
  • printed Assessment Tools for grades 1-3
  • Colourful portfolio for printed resources
  • Downloadable zip file contains: Teacher notes and curriculum-linked extension activities for each fable, “Tuning into your Senses’ script (fable 1 invitation), Assessment tools and the References & Credits.
  • Additional copies of printed fable cards available for $10 each (per package of 5 cards.)

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