About Janette

Forest Floor is owned and operated by Janette Cridland, a Forest Therapy Guide certified through the Global Institute of Forest Therapy. Janette is also a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, with over 27 years of experience teaching outdoor education.

The idea for Forest Floor came from two realizations: first that leading a frenetic pace of life can leave us stressed and missing out on life’s simple pleasures, and secondly, that life experienced through our senses is often richer and can be transformational. To use an outdoor education example: teaching children about types of birds is informative, but teaching them how to feed a chickadee from their hands captivates their attention and ignites a sense of wonder.


   A tiny bird can connect the child to nature in a way that the teacher cannot.    


In a similar way, Forest Therapy can help us slow down and experience through our senses a healthier way of being, whether a child, an executive or a person with stress or health issues. The walks and educational programs offered by Forest Floor are designed with these in mind – leveraging the forest’s amazing ability to support and heal, allowing us to feel relaxed, refreshed and connected with ourselves and the land.


Janette prioritizes client safety by maintaining her current certification as a Remote First Aid Responder, having professional business insurance coverage, and customizing a risk management plan for each event, including Covid-19 modifications.


"Janette was awesome - calm, caring and attentive - gave us enough time and space to explore while expertly facilitating us through the various invitations. Extremely well prepared with equipment and tools to support the activities. A very meditative, relaxed and expansive exploration of the forest and self."
S.S.: Participant October 2020
Participant, October 2020
"A wonderful opportunity to just be present and experience the beauty, healing and peace that being in community with the forest offers."
E.F.: Participant May 2021
Participant, May 2021