Customized Educational Products and Services

Forest Fables

Launching in 2022: 

A story-based Forest Therapy program for primary students. This learning resource will have cross-curricular links with an emphasis on Social–Emotional Learning skills and improved mental well-being through a connection to nature.

Outdoor Teaching Coach

Discover the joy and benefits of teaching outside, how to incorporate your curriculum expectations, and how to prepare for and manage successful outdoor learning experiences. Coaching can be offered as a teacher PD opportunity or on an individual basis.

Healthcare Nature Prescriptions

Forest Floor can provide customized Forest Therapy experiences for patients that have received a nature prescription (also called ‘park’ or ‘green’ prescriptions) from their health care provider.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Customized forest wellness experiences that restore and revitalize your team while boosting their creativity, focus and problem-solving ability.


SHSM Certification:

  • Forest-Lite: Introduction to Forest Therapy
  • Stress management tool for self-care
  • Covers: history, health benefits, key elements, safety considerations, and industry applications of Forest Therapy
  • Embodied sensory experience

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